doi:  10.12013/qxyjzyj2022-007

Temporal and spatial distribution of meteorological disaster for tea planting in Jinhua area
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基金:  浙江省金华市气象局科研项目(编号:2021YB07)
中文关键词:  茶树,气象灾害,综合风险,时空分布
英文关键词:  tea tree  meteorological disasters  comprehensive risk  temporal and spatial distribution
鹿翔Lu Xiang金华市气象局
韩芙蓉Han Furong金华市气象局
吴天贻Wu Tianyi金华市气象局
舒素芳Shu Sufang金华市气象局
      利用金华地区1953—2020年地面气象观测数据和农业统计资料,分析浙江省金华地区茶树春季霜冻、冬季冻害和夏季高温热害等灾害的时空分布,对气象灾害综合风险进行了评估,同时利用Mann Kendall方法对春季霜冻变化趋势和突变进行了验证。结果表明:金华地区茶树春季霜冻和冬季冻害高发地区集中于磐安、东阳和武义等高海拔地区;夏季高温热害的高发地区主要集中于浦江等平原盆地地区;茶树种植气象灾害综合高风险地区主要集中于磐安、浦江西北部、婺城区南部和武义西部。金华地区茶树春季霜冻灾害发生概率呈逐年减小趋势,有利于早茶生长以及产量和品质的提升。
      Based on the 1953-2020 ground meteorological observation data and agricultural statistics data in Jinhua area, the temporal and spatial distributions of the spring frost, winter freezing injury and summer heat injury for tea trees in Jinhua were analyzed,and then a comprehensive risk was evaluated. Meanwhile, the variation tendency and mutation of the spring frost were validated by Mann Kendall method. The result showed that the high incidence areas of the spring frost and winter freezing in Jinhua were concentrated in high altitude areas such as Panan, Dongyang and Wuyi. The high incidence areas of summer heat injury occurred mainly in plain and basin like Pujiang. The high agro meteorological disaster risk area of tea planting mainly located in Panan, the northwest of Pujiang, the south of Wucheng and the west of Wuyi, where were the main tea planting areas in Jinhua. The days of spring frost, the annual change of extreme minimum temperature and M K test all reflect that the probability of tea frost in spring in Jinhua area decreases year by year which is conducive to the growth, yield and quality of spring tea.
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